Tally Customization

Tally is a powerful accounting software that can handle a wide range of financial transactions and processes. However, every business has unique requirements and processes, and sometimes, the default Tally modules may not be sufficient to meet these needs. This is where Tally customization comes in. By customizing Tally, businesses can add new features, modify existing ones, and tailor the software to meet their specific requirements. 


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Customize your tally

Tally customization can help businesses streamline their accounting processes, save time, and improve accuracy. It can also help businesses stay compliant with regulatory requirements and provide better insights into their financial data. Overall, Tally customization can be an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their accounting processes and improve their bottom line.


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At Earnest Minds, we offer unparalleled Tally customization services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to understand your business requirements and provide customized solutions that streamline your operations and maximize efficiency.

Our Tally customization services include customized reports, advanced invoice customization, customized vouchers, and much more. We work with businesses of all sizes and industries, ensuring that our solutions are scalable and adaptable to your unique needs.


Top Selling Modules

Tally to Telegram

Our Tally to Telegram module allows you to send Telegram notifications directly from Tally. This feature can be incredibly useful for staying in touch with clients, employees, and vendors. Also using this module we can setup self reporting feature which will be helpful for Business Owners.

Auto Ledger Creation

Our Auto Ledger Creation module is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their accounting processes. With this module, you can easily create GSTIN ledgers in Tally using the GST number of your customers or suppliers.

Tally to Whatsapp

Tally to WhatsApp is an innovative feature that allows businesses to send all their invoices, statements, and outstanding payments through the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. With Tally to WhatsApp, businesses can easily and efficiently communicate with their customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Qr Code and Watermark

Our QR code and Watermark module is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve their invoicing processes and strengthen their brand identity. With this module, you can add a QR code to your invoices, which customers can scan to make payments using UPI and also we can add a watermark of your brand logo to the background of your invoices. This can help strengthen your brand identity and make your invoices more professional and visually appealing.

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